July 25, 2017

Two weeks ago i had again the incredible privilege to serve Miss Foxx, my Ebony Goddess.

As white bitch-boy that loves Black Beauty, serve Miss Foxx for me it's like touch the sky. She's perfect in every single way: Her voice, Her body ( i love so much Her perfect black...

July 14, 2017

Hello Goddess,

Thank you so much for seeing me yesterday. I hope the words below offer some insight into the effect you had on me, and how grateful I am to have been in your presence. It was truly mind-blowing.

* * *

When you cut away all the extraneous artifice we constr...

July 4, 2017


I wasn't nervous at all until i rang the doorbell and then the nerves hit me. I was shocked to the site that greeted me when the door opened and that only added to my uneasiness. When the sessions started the sensual side of you helped my nerves and i began to trust...

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