Truly exhilarating

Miss Foxx,

Thank you to both you and JR for allowing me to hand your cash back to you. Meeting you was a wonderful experience and I can't believe I was lucky enough to enjoy what I did.

I know that I didn't deserve it and am not worthy of some of what you did to me so I can only assume this is part of a cunning plan you have to lure me into your life and fulfil the purpose of your choosing - giving you my cash. The idea of you putting my money close to the intimate parts of your body was truly exhilarating..... I just felt utterly humiliated that it was only fives.

It goes without saying that you are all beautiful and powerful and it was a rush to experience that if only for a short while. I did not in anyway feel deserving to have gotten so close to your cleavage, ass or to have experienced your spit in my face and mouth. While you were doing that to me, in my head i was thinking 'i don't deserve it, I haven't made her happy'

I am so grateful and appreciative of having had the chance to meet you. You are causing me to think about my life and submission differently and maybe a bond can develop between us.

I just want to say once again how truly appreciative I am for allowing me to meet with you.

Yours in respect and sincerity


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