A wonderful, wonderful experience - thank You, thank You, thank You.

Dear Miss Foxx, I wanted to thank You for such an amazing real time session recently. I will not be able to do justice to it as there were so many highlights. The first was when You instructed me right at the start to shine Your latex because Your House slave had broken down in his car and was late. To be given the honour of doing this and being separated from Your beautiful, regal skin by the very thinnest of materials was both heaven and hell at the same time. Then You told me to kneel before You and praise You. This was almost a holy experience - when You first uttered the demand my immediate thought was I would be tongue-tied but far from it. I think in the end You had to shut me up - it was so easy and natural to pour praise onto You from so many angles! Then You led me to the mirror - what an unforgettable sight!! A beautiful, confident, ebony Domme towering above her kneeling, collared and leashed pasty white slave - the natural order. The image is burned onto my brain. It was then my honour to be solely a prop as You indulged Yourself in various photos. I am so grateful to even be in the same photo as such a Superior Goddess. "Have you brought your wallet simon?" You whispered with a knowing glint in Your eye. Again my pleasure to present it to You to rape. And rape it You did, finally discarding it with a disdainful flick "it's empty and useless to Me now - fill it up and bring it back". And then another comment I will never forget - You identified a real weak spot in me and told me "next time simon but I want four figures........four figures simon". A wonderful, wonderful experience - thank You, thank You, thank You. With the humblest of regards, simon

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