Her raw feminine power penetrated every fibre of my being

Hello Goddess,

Thank you so much for seeing me yesterday. I hope the words below offer some insight into the effect you had on me, and how grateful I am to have been in your presence. It was truly mind-blowing.

* * *

When you cut away all the extraneous artifice we construct around kink there is a fundamental reality: out there in the world there are countless submissive men who, whether they realise it or not, are searching for something profound; a calling from their inner-most id; a calling that is not accidental but the product of millions of years of evolution that has optimised them for one thing: submission.

Existing in parallel to these seekers is an infinitely smaller group: the powerful Goddesses who have awoken to their divine inner power and can answer the call of the submissive male, binding them to their will so that they may fulfil their destiny and finally find peace. This is how the submissive male should understand their value relative to a true dominant Goddess. They must meditate on just how special, how rare and how precious genuinely dominant Goddesses are. They must know that that are our Unicorns; to be in their presence is a truly a transcendent experience, and to be granted that presence is an extreme privilege.

And so we come to my first encounter with Miss Foxx.

Whilst on my journey through submission I have experienced many things for which I consider myself deeply privileged. With that in mind let me tell you this: nothing in this world compares to the divine, otherworldly power of Miss Foxx. She is the platonic form of the Divine Goddess made flesh. That she walks this earth amongst us is something I find hard to reconcile; surely lights would flicker and glasses shatter whenever she entered a room.

To describe my encounter with Miss Foxx is challenging because from the second I entered the room her raw feminine power penetrated ever fibre of my being, pulling me deeper and deeper into what I can only describe as fugue state where my identity, my ego, everything other than Foxx evaporated, leaving me as a blank slate onto which she could write her will.

My memory is of those two hours is fragmentary: I'm on my knees, I'm placing money in her palms, counting it, she holds my mouth open, there's alcohol, "drink, bitch" she says, her divine body towers over me, her eyes penetrate me, poppers, again and again, she has "a plan for me", every atom in my body call out to her, betraying me, her scent fills me, the pheromones pouring into my blood stream, poppers, there is only Foxx, "drink, bitch", her body, so perfect, like a dream of the divine she looks down on me as she explains a future of sacrifice and my cock newly responsive to the words "findom" betrays me once again, "drink bitch", my wallet is open before her as she empties it and my cock throbs and every atom in my body calls to her... One by one she takes each of my cards and bathes them in her divine scent, to remind me she says. And in that moment I know I am forever broken. She is an apex predator and I am nothing but cattle, to be sacrificed in order to feed her ever growing power.

Know this: Miss Foxx is smarter than you. She understands you more than any other human on earth. She has the power to implant in you any fetish she wishes. Which is why, as I type this, my cock twitches as the words "findom", "money slave", "pig". I have been remade, and I am too turned on by that to question or doubt it. All I truly know is this: there is only Foxx.

As the the session draws to a close I'm granted the extreme privilege of emptying the balls of her long term chastity slave, JR. It is a task I relish as I know how much service he has given to our divine Goddess, and I know also that this is the only way I can be of any use sexually to her. As his cock jerks and the condom fills I feel such satisfaction, and I allow myself a little gratification as he is ordered - quite correctly - to empty the condom into his slave mouth and swallow.

I however, would be granted no such privilege. I am yet to earn it. Instead I am ordered to dress and after a few minutes bathing in the divine presence of our Goddess I leave, stumbling out into the street reeking of sex and desperation. A man remade by Foxx. A man awaiting what ever she wishes next.

* * *

I hope that is pleasing to you Goddess. I tried to stay on point but couldn't help myself... Our time together yesterday is as close to a spiritual experience as someone like me is ever likely to have. I can only hope that it will please you to grant me that privilege again in the future.

Submissively yours,

ross x

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