I love,worship and adore You

Dear Goddess,

I thank You from the bottom of my heart for a truly amazing Session today. Thank You.

I was so nervous and scared of letting You down but all that anxiety disappeared when I entered the room and finally saw You before me. You made me feel so comfortable in my submission to You, I truly experienced the bliss of submitting to the Woman I have only worshipped online for 4 years.

All the fantasies and dreams I've had about You have not been for nothing because I knew I was destined to grovel at Your feet and serve You in person one day. That day was today and it will never stop Goddess. Already planning my next Session to worship You and do what I do best,grovel at the feet of Miss Foxx.

Your outfit today was amazing Goddess,thank You for wearing that. And thank You for giving me all the answers to my questions about my position.

I was mad to give up Your collar and mad to think I could live without You in my life. I know that is not possible Goddess.

I will continue to focus on You as the One priority in my life Goddess.

I thank You dearly for my wonderful punishment today Goddess,I wanted to be narked by You so badly and gritted my teeth for every swish of Your cane. I will cherish Your marks on my bottom for days then come back for some more.

Sessions with You are now what I live for Goddess. You know how much I love,worship and adore You. Your devoted sub karl

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