An experience I will never forget

Dear Miss Foxx,

You asked me to email You regarding our session today. It is very difficult for me to do that because words don't seem to do it justice but I will try. Let me start with the obvious - You are a stunningly attractive and funny lady, with a fantastic personality, and I felt at ease (sort of!) and a connection with You almost immediately. Although I was on my knees the whole time I was with You I frequently found myself cowering even lower and lower such is Your superiority and authority. As we discussed You popped my findom cherry - or perhaps more accurately You chopped the whole cherry tree down!! If I'd have had more with me it would now be Yours - I was powerless to resist as You fucked my wallet. I was so proud to be a "first" for You by being a fetch-playing "Cash Retriever" - it was a real honour and pleasure. In short being in Your presence and making you smile, laugh, happy and richer was an experience I will never forget. with the very humblest of regards simon PS I was, as You noticed, desperate to relieve myself at the end but You chose not and that is Your prerogative. May I humbly beg You to put the wallet picture You took on Twitter as a further reminder for me? PPS Do You think You will session there often? Personal circumstances make hotel/my home sessions difficult but being relatively local I would readily submit to You regularly should You deem fit.

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