Shivers through my body for the next few days

Dear Goddess,

I have been privileged to be in your presence last week and have since settled back in Dubai, after a heavy flu.... I just wanted to express how special it was to be with you and I still felt shivers through my body for the next few days. I am glad you told me several times during our encounter it was real, otherwise I would have seriously doubted I had been in a dream fantasy.

Admiring your body, your charisma and your deity from close was an ultimate pleasure and surely made me crave for more.

It made me realize that the opportunity to dedicate live to a goddess like yourself is not just a pleasant feeling, but would really satisfy my life also, as I see no greater pleasure than to please the ultimate Goddess in this world, being yourself.

There is no millimeter of you which is not perfect and having met you in person ranks way above any other great memory in life.

I wish there was a living community, which will grow to a city, where your devotees could live, where you are obviously the queen, so that we can all compete daily to have the privileges to serve you in person, while we all hand you all our assets and finances, with some of your slaves just ensuring that your devotees will get the food and medical care required. We would then all be privileged to be your permanent slaves, doing anything you command at anytime. All citizens would have the same passion in life, which is to serve our Goddess well and that means we would probably all be ale to live well together and have everybody happy. I am sure that community will grow quickly and thereby continue to grow your wealth to desirable and well deserved numbers. I sincerely hope I can play a part in contributing to that.

Until such time, I am aiming to manipulate a transfer to London so that in the meantime I will already be able to do much more for Goddess.

Thank you again Goddess for the honor of worshipping you.

Kind regards,


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