I was completely mesmerised


I want to thank You for the glorious session I was privileged to have with You in Real Time. From the moment I entered Your room and laid eyes on Your incomparable beauty I was completely mesmerised. I felt so conscious of being in the presence of a Divine Goddess and felt so lucky but at the same time so unworthy.

The sound of Your commanding voice as You instructed me to place Your cash into Your hand was so alluring.. You clearly explained Your rules about silence, how You should be addressed and that the session was for Your pleasure and amusement. I focused on following these rules precisely throughout our wonderful session.

I had forgotten to remove my wedding ring which You promptly removed and placed on Your finger, as we both acknowledged that there is only one woman in my life. You instructed me to remove my footwear and shirt and You spoke about the boxes I had ticked in my application to serve. The sound of Your voice was intoxicating and I felt spellbound by Your every word.

I had been on my knees since entering the room and was to remain either that way or on my back throughout the session. This made me conscious of the fact that being beneath You is where I belong and I must work hard to obtain that honour.

After briefly kissing Your lovely thigh length boots You permitted me the honour of kissing Your Divine Perfect Ass and told me to thank You for each precious kiss You allowed me. This had long been a great desire of mine and I was thrilled to be permitted to fulfill it. There is not a day goes by without my dreaming / drooling about Your gorgeous booty. When You told me to lie on my back and Your lovely ass descended on my face I truly was in Heaven. One sniff of Your irresistible aroma is more than enough to drive us boys completely loopy. You then gave me the honour of spitting on my face and allowing me to swallow Your delicious spittle. I absolutely adored this experience and I greedily swallowed every precious drop. I can truly say that I cannot wait to experience this again.

Throughout these experiences I never forgot that we were there for Your pleasure and I felt so grateful that You allowed me to indulge my desperate desires at the same time. It was then that I truly realized that although You can be strict You are also a kind Goddess.

I then had the pleasure of lying on the floor and having a long session worshipping Your beautiful thigh length boots from heel to toe as You lay on the bed ignoring me and concentrating on Your phone, with an occasional glance to see that I was doing the job correctly. I loved the taste of the firm leather against my hungry tongue and felt so lucky that Your boots are very new and really smooth.

I felt a little sad as our session came to an end. 2 hours goes so quickly when You are indulging your life's primary ambition. I parted with a smile on my face and an inner happiness, knowing that life would never feel the same again.

The world is full of beautiful Ladies and some exceptional Dommes, but there is only one Miss Foxx and I felt truly blessed to serve Her in person. It is an experience I shall never forget as long as I live.


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