Was one of the most intense and exhilarating experiences of my life

Dear Miss Foxx

I hope you had a good weekend, I understand from twitter that you did and this makes this slave very happy. I was also delighted to see you in the dress I was lucky enough to present to you. You would look stunning in anything, but I was over joyed to see it accentuated your amazing beauty.

I'm writing to thank you for allowing me the chance to worship you on Friday, it was one of the most intense and exhilarating experiences of my life.

From the moment I clapped eyes on you, and felt your aura, I knew I was in the presence of a True Goddess, I hate to resort to cliches, but your photos, while wonderful, do not do justice to your stunning looks.

Being at your feet was a nerve wracking experience, as I think my shaking on arrival showed, but despite this you were so kind yet stern, and left me in no doubt as to my place. Being allowed to worship those wonderful boots and heel was an unexpected pleasure so early in the session.

Wearing your collar for the first time was one of the greatest honours of my life, I hope it's one you will allow me to repeat sometime, being on a leash at your feet where I belong is such an incredible high and one I'm still recovering from.

I'm sorry my sweaty nipples made it tricky for you to torture them, rest assured despite this, I could still feel the sting of your clamps for days after when I dressed. It was a wonderful reminder of what I'd been lucky enough to experience at your beautiful hands.

I've never been spat on before, and that was a wonderful honour and treat, it would be a lucky slave who's job was simply to take your spit. When I close your eyes now, I can still feel the delightful degradation of your fluid running down my cheek. Cheeks that you delighted in slapping, and I was so grateful for every sting.

And as for that CP and whipping, wow. What can I say? Though my bottom has been punished before, I've never been whipped like that. I think this may have been obvious to Mistress, and I hope my screams were not too pathetic. Especially as Mistress was so kind and generous with me, both during and after the punishment.

Yes it hurt, but I was proud to wear your marks afterwards, every time I glanced at them it gave me such an intense memory - as I'm getting now typing this - and made me wish I was still there, tied to those stairs, feeling your sting.

The reward you kindly gifted me afterwards was MIND BLOWING, and I felt so honoured that such an incredible women would allow me to intimately worship her bottom and cleavage. It was an incredible rush

There is one thing I must ask Mistress, I noticed that you posted a video of our session end on twitter, is it possible to remove it or re post it but cut off before the section where my face is revealed? I'm so sorry to ask this Mistress, but it would mean an awful lot to me.

I hope that I managed to please you in session, and that I was as worthy as I could ever be, of serving such a Goddess. I also hope you will allow me to repeat the experience some time

Yours In Submission

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