You fucked my mind, Miss Foxx

Divine Miss Foxx,

i read your "reportage" about your italian San Valentino weekend, i read especially the part where You talk abour our session, and for me it was exciting and humiliating know and see that i've been exhibited as Your "spoil of war".

I confirm all the sensations that you wrote. And when i read that for You it was the best racial humiliation you have impose until now, i was very glad and honorable.

You fucked my mind, Miss Foxx. Not a day goes, without i think and wanking about you.Your words "you are the perfect weak white slave", resound costantly every day in my mind. Because it's right: i have very pale skin, blond hair and light eyes, i'm delicate and small, sweet and submissive: i feel me the perfect subject for a vigorous, sadic and Black Amazon Mistress as You, and i want carry on this itinerary of submission and be rieducated by you.

I practise as slave, BDSM to 15 years, i had some italian mistress, and also a russian and a polish Mistress, but as beauty, strong, ability to fucked mind, big feets(i like big feets) they never compared with you.

For the future, Black Mistress, i will buy some of your video, and i hope you return in Italy. I can reach You also in Florence, if possible. Unfortunately Miss Foxx, almost for the next period, neither me i have plan to come in London or Reading. In 3 months, 6 or 1 year: i'm here and i will attend You.

Your little white bitcht


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