The session was amazing

Hi Superior Goddess Miss Foxx,

i'm Dario, the slave who had the honour to serve you at 12 pm, today.

As instructed you, i send this email to some words to me about the session today in Rome.

The session was amazing, sensations are favorables. It was a wirlwind of fun, pain and terror for me; i trembled as a leaf in front of you.

I liked so much the mental part: because you identified exactly all my weak point. You are the Black Alpha Female, a nature show. Your atlhetic and powerful body, your greatness height, your resoluteness and severity, your worderful chocolate skin, compared with my small stature as a pygmy, with my weak-willed body, with my pansy weak nature and pasty whitey skin, it feel myself as small and a shit as possible. But disciplined by you it feel me better.

The best moments it was your racial humiliation and philosophy, the height comparison and the final when i sniff and lick your soles of your superior feets, and when i suck your toes( i look like a female bitch who suck a black cock).

About me, i think to was obedient, respectful and totally submissive to you, and i hope to make you a good impression.

I hope to get in touch with you, as you request again me today.

Thank you again, your white toady.


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