You are the Goddess of this religion

Divine Miss Foxx,

Thank You, my Goddess, for giving me the great honor to be Your slave and to be in Your presence: every single second in Your presence is like being in heaven.

You are a true Goddess and therefore You deserve to be worshiped and spoiled every single second of Your life. My life is now marked: there will be a B.M. (Before Miss Foxx) and an A.M. (After Miss Foxx).

You have captured and f#cked my mind, and now it belongs to You! Believe me when i say that if we lived in the same city i would have no problem to give You my life and my freedom.

My religion is serve Ebony Mistress, and You are the Goddess of this religion.

Next time I will offer You shopping before the session, and i'll put definitively my body on the line for You! ( ballbusting, whipping, wax play)

hoping i was a slave worthy of You,i wish You to have a nice evening, Goddess

Your slave mark

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