My session was EVERYTHING i ever wanted or have lived for

Hi Miss re today. ... i'm sure You saw that my session was EVERYTHING i ever wanted or have lived for. Your Feet have been desired for so long and my obvious joy (to Your equally obvious amusement) was unplanned and completely natural.

As You would also know, i have had many Mistresses and sessions before but this was the first where i was not allowed to speak (unless told to) or offer any idea to You as to how i'd like the scenario to go. i found this exciting and submitted to Your wishes apart from one misdemeanour for which i was punished. It was also clear that You had read my previous Emails as You KNEW what drove me.

Your vocal part of the session was truly exceptional. . You spoke almost non stop without repeating Yourself or using clichés etc. It comes across as unplanned and therefore much more natural. I've actually forgotten to mention first impressions but with NO exaggeration i have to say You are even more beautiful in real life.

You don't need me to tell You that You have the world at Your Feet (lucky old world) but You are the most stunning, attractive and EFFECTIVE Mistress i have seen.

Thank You for today... i'm out shopping now and i wouldn't say i'm still buzzing but a wasp has just come up and offered me a drink!

i have drafted up 12 tweet suggestions and a POV clip idea... (No surprise that it's a Foot Fetish one!) and will send for Your attention. i hope that it will amuse at the very least

Thanks again for today Miss i am ONE happy doggie. michael xx

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