Truly life-changing moment

Dear Miss Foxx

I am writing to thank you properly for the transformative experience I had with you during our RT session last Saturday. It was truly life-changing moment - meeting you was one of the most memorable experiences i have had in the past twenty years. I was very nervous beforehand but the minute i walked into the room and saw Your Beautiful and Divine Self, my nerves passed. The reason was that from that first moment you were in control, your natural superiority shone through and we were in complete harmony - you as the superior alpha dominant and me as the pathetic beta wimp. You looked me straight in the eye and quietly bid me to sit at your feet. I cast my eyes down ( this was a natural deferential reaction - it wasn't conscious) and immediately obeyed.I desperately wanted to feast my eyes on your awesome beauty but I didn't feel it would have been respectful; so I didn't straight away.

And what a vision of perfection you are. From your flawlessly smooth ebony skin, your perfectly shaped oval eyes, your luscious and sensuous lips, your lithe, firm but curvaceous body, your commandingly toned, round bottom, your long shapely legs and you perfectly formed feet - i have never been in the presence of anybody or anything so beautiful. Adoring, worshiping and obeying You was the most natural thing in the world and this is from somebody who normally tells people what to do, not the other way round.

Your behaviour throughout the session was impeccable, befitting the haughty Goddess that you are. You instinctively knew how to put me in my place by getting me to count out the £300 and deliberately and individually placing each note in your hand. From that moment it was clear to me that the only reason that you tolerated my presence was for the monetary gain it provided. My old wrinkly body and my perverted ways obviously disgusted you and you rightly told me so on a number of occasions and punished me for it. You were very firm but fair at the same time and I experienced a kindness in you behind that firmness. To my great delight you allowed me to worship your beautiful bottom and inhale the divine aroma of your Queenly Place! I was totally intoxicated by that perfumed womanly smell, as You well know.

You were also an extremely intelligent, witty and beguiling companion, so much so that I felt in a state of calm grace during those two heavenly hours. I really would wish to serve You again very soon but obviously that is within Your gift and it is not my place to dictate these matters.

Thank you once again

Your Old Pervert

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