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"I want to serve you, Miss Foxx"

Here are examples of what boys & girls do make their words match their actions.

  1. Loyalty - Pledge to serve, worship, communicate with, and focus on Me only.

  2. Longevity - Having consistent commitment to Me without bothering Me unnecessarily. Only take up My time when you have something to offer Me.

  3. Proactiveness - Thinking about what I'd like you to do for Me. My website and Twitter feed tells you lots about Me. Do things to make Me laugh and smile.

  4. Promotions - Advertise Me on FemDom sites, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok etc

  5. Commitment - Start a daily Twitter diary. Tweet every day starting "Day 1", "Day 2" etc without fail to show the commitment you have to Me and this task I have set.

  6. Tributes - As standard. Tip every time you want to message Me, and send gifts of cash when you can.

  7. Sacrifice - Put Me above your personal commitments in the life you're used to. Make Me the priority.

Good luck My prospective pets.

You may also join My OnlyFans, LoyalFans, or Fansly and let your servitude commence.

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