Before you submit your application to serve, you MUST read My Rules for servitude and then send a £50 UK Giftcard (I CANNOT ACCEPT AMAZON) from My tribute page to If you do not tribute, your application will be deleted without being read along with any unsolicited emails to this address so the only persons time you will be wasting is your own. All contact form submissions are sent directly to Miss Foxx's Assistant for review.


Serving Me is simple and you must tribute Me for My attention or be IGNORED. 
NO tribute = NO chat. Become familiar with My Rules below so you know exactly

what I expect from you. 


If these rules are too much for your tiny brain to understand or adhere to then go and book a cam session, call Me or apply for Real Time. Drive by bitches may also have a use to Me...




  1. You will address Me as Goddess, Miss, Miss Foxx or Queen. If you are married or have a girlfriend you have permission to call Me Mistress as I AM the other woman in your sorry life.

  2. You MUST have money to pay weekly via any tribute method, preferable cash. NO PAYPAL. I don't care what amount. Even if you are a broke ass loser or rich boy I want every penny you have. Don't try to waste My time with idle chat if you can't scrape your pennies or part with big notes because you will immediately be cast aside.

  3. Honesty is My most important value. If you think you can get away with lying to Me, you have no place in serving Me. I ALWAYS find out if you are trying to mess with Me and you WILL be put in your place immediately.

  4. When you pledge to serve Me, you must be loyal. I do not own sluts that cannot keep their cocks and your wallets in My name.

  5. You must display manners at all times. I am a lady and shall be treated as such

  6. Don't be needy. There is nothing more that turns Me off than a whiny and demanding boy. You are here to meet My demands and NOT your own

  7. When you are given a command you are expected to do it, promptly. You do not keep Me waiting.

  8. I expect you to sacrifice for Me. You will be treating yourself less and spoiling Me more. Save that money you spend idly every week to treat Me to gifts from My wishlists

  9. Your place is beneath My feet and do not EVER FORGET IT 

  10. You are expendable and replaceable and I do NOT need you



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