As well as allowing you to express your kinks and fetishes, I am continually discovering new ones of My own. I acknowledge the levels of submission are far and wide and so I encompass a deeper understanding into forming a sensual connection with all of My slaves. You will in turn  understand that you will have to endure particular treatments to be rewarded

with experiencing others.


I will develop and discipline your submissiveness and it is My aim to have a fun and meaningful session with every submissive. We'll enjoy each others company and end with us equally happy. 

I view sessions as a time to play, a time to form a bond with you, and a time in when the world makes such judgements of what we do, I will allow yourself to be truly free.


Private Session

£50 / €50 / $50 deposit

£250 / €290 / $280 per hour

£500 / €580 / $700 per hour per couple

Dinner or Public Humiliation

£50 / €50 / $50 deposit

£200 / €240/ $280 in person

£400 / €470 / $560 per couple in person

These sessions aren't time based

Cashpoint Meet or Shopping

£50 / €50 / $50 deposit

£200 / €200 / $200 min withdrawal or spend

UAE £100 deposit 1000AED min withdrawal

Fly Me to You

UK travel only £100 - £200

UK travel & hotel £200 - £500

EUROPE £500 - £900

REST OF THE WORLD £1500 - £2000


For other currency conversions please use GBP per hour price at


  1. Please be prepared to your deposit. No deposit, no session.

  2. You will arrive promptly, clean and respectful.

  3. Good boys and girls bring cash tributes, or a small gift such as jewellery, stockings, perfume - no alcohol or chocolates

  4. You will do exactly as I say but you will have a fun time too. 

  5. You will understand that there will be no topping from the bottom. Once the parameters are set, I am in complete control.

  6. You will never consider asking for a sexual service. 


    My particular fetishes are humiliation, adoration, subjugation and inflicting pain. You will ask for permission to share your fetishes with Me.

  8. You will be charged extra for certain things that I may consider outside of My booking form, extra session details, outfit choosing etc

  9. If you come correct and submit to your Superior Goddess, this will be the first day in the rest of your bright new submissive life. 

  10. Deposits are only non-refundable. If I have to cancel due to double booking or illness, I will grant you a refund.


If it is not on the form, then it is not a fetish of Mine.

If the form below does not load, please refresh the page