Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Boys in Financial Domination - To Serve or To Tribute

Financial domination highlights the great difference between a good boy and a fool. I wrote "A Slave vs a Man" in January 2013 on how you boys can make Me feel so special. There are so many timewasters, "I get paid on Monday" talkers, boys who talk out of their asses and other fakes on Twitter and financial domination sites that it just highlights to Me and My fellow Goddesses that most boys are simply unworthy with a very small number that are an exception to the rule.

If you cannot follow simple instructions, you don't serve Me. It's as simple as that. I will always deserve more than you can ever give Me. I will always use a boy that comes along with a wad of cash just bursting out of "his" wallet and has no intentions of being loyal. At least he is upfront and honest with who he is and not pretending to be otherwise but do not ever expect Me to bend over backwards to get those notes because that sure as hell has never happened and never will happen.

A lot of boys "claim" to be new to this to which I roll My eyes but imma break it down for you so you can digest this with the least amount of brain cells.
  • One Tribute doesn't make you owned
  • One Tribute doesn't show you are a fin sub
  • Servitude means submitting yourself to a long term D/s relationship
  • Tributing means giving back your money as and when with no commitment
  • A promise isn't a promise until it is performed
Being a Domme is like being the leader of a gang that's hard to get in. I guess I can see Myself as Danny from Grease and My boys are My T-Birds haha. I don't accept any old boy to My stable and the ones that do make it, I really appreciate and get to know like they get to know Me. That's clear to see with My tweets, blog posts and when I am with one of My boys.

When you tribute Me, you have My attention but until then you are just silence. Some of boys recycle the same old bullshit thinking we have never heard it before and unlucky for you, I never fall for it. If you approach to serve Me, trust Me, I do My research on you. If you are seen to whore yourself to every Domme, My assistant will show you the door maybe with a few choice words for My amusement. He sent this email to a bitch boy a few months ago:

"The honor to serve a Goddess such as Miss Foxx is earned through loyalty, obedience and service. You have failed miserably at showing any sort of loyalty to Miss Foxx. You are now banned from any further communication with Miss Foxx and any hopes of serving Her should be washed from your head. Sending Miss Foxx a small gift is a nice gesture, but you did not impress Her at all after she viewed your Twitter feed. A Twitter feed full of requests to serve other women, while you were courting Miss Foxx, is a major sign of disrespect.

Miss Foxx requires loyal slaves who only want to see Her happy. She is the only Goddess you would ever need and you have blown that opportunity. Other dommes will also see through you soon enough and you will be a lonely miserable sub with no one to serve."

He responded:

"Ok i understand 100% and im truly sorry and I will learn from this for the future. I guess I was just frustrated that I had to wait until she received her gift before any further contact with her.

I realise she has high standards and I regret my actions.

Would any further gifts help with this situation?

P.S. Thank you for the detailed email and I respect your decision. Keep up the good work."

His response went ignored as I already knew I couldn't trust this boy. His "frustrations" are no concern of Mine and My attention could be gain from a giftcard listed on My "Tribute Me" page as this is instant. I had seen he had been around a while and so he already knew that and clearly hadn't been learning anything.

So click the link to which one YOU are...


In other news:
Before I started Financial Domination, I used to do everything Myself. My ex never wanted to do anything with Me or for Me and so if I wanted something done, I would just get on and do it. Since boys have been so good to Me, I did start relying them a bit more but I felt like I was getting lazy. I love to do things Myself and I feel proud to do things so one day I said to Myself, I was going to convert My garage into My new bedroom and about 2/3 weeks later, it was done! I never procrastinate nor waste time with making decisions so that's why I don't have a lot of patience for some of you!

So from the FBA, boys paid for the conversion itself which I managed to get at a bargain £1200 when it should've cost about £3000 (I'll always turn on the charm to spend less money!) plus other bits to decorate totaling just over £2000/$3349 and I am so happy! I laid the carpet Myself, made the projector screen and put the projector up which I won in a competition a few years ago, put together each bit of furniture, moved My bed in, everything. I did it all Myself. Go Me! I love spending time in here, its so warm and cosy and plus with Summer approaching, I walk outside every day into My garden :)

Until next time!

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